Free Mobile Applications

With our FREE mobile applications, you can have information about Trafficking In Persons in Trinidad and Tobago and other countries right in the palm of your hand, together with the ability to respond immediately to save a life. Screenshots of the various apps are at the bottom of this page.


1. "Trafficking in Trinbago" is the flagship app. It focuses on the laws relating to human trafficking in Trinidad and Tobago. It is an excellent resource for law enforcement, law students, migrants, parents and persons interested in combating human trafficking. A PDF version of the Trafficking in Persons Act 2011 is available for download within the app as are links to numerous articles, videos and Trafficking In Persons Reports.


An informative and interactive app, it allows users to report any possible case of human trafficking to the relevant child protection NGOs and law enforcement agencies, including the Counter Trafficking Unit. Reports can be made by phone call or email triggered with one click. The app is FREE and is available on iTunes or in the Google Play Store! Other devices can use the HTML5 version of the App.


Version 17 of theTrafficking in Trinbago app (updated in September 2014) includes other specialised apps developed to combat diverse aspects of Human Trafficking. We inserted the HTML5 version of these added value apps into the flagship app so that users of Trafficking In Trinbago need not sacrifice any additional storage space on their devices, but will have the benefit of several apps in one download.


The following smartphone applications relate to combating human trafficking but are only available for Android devices:-

2. "True Masculinity" - this novel app is dedicated to males of all ages. It addresses the causal factors of male purchase of sex services and other forms of male violence against women and children. Using a frank, conversational format, this app empowers males to rethink their concepts of maleness and masculinity and provides resources to overcome flawed social and personal mindsets which lend themselves to the abuse of women and children. Key issues addressed in the app include violence against women, female violence against men, male identity, rites of passage, pornography use, sexual harassment, sex addiction and sex trafficking. 

A key feature of the app is the opportunity given to users to test their understanding of the concepts through E-learning. There is the Man Test and various real-life scenarios to test one's thinking and help to clarify the many options men have when faced with specific challenges in their relationships with their loved ones, women and other men.

3. "Football4Freedom" - this app was developed to highlight the beauty of football at the FIFA World Cup 2018 while raising awareness of the ugliness of human trafficking. While most people who travelled to Russia for the World Cup did so voluntarily and were attracted to the acrobatic skills on display in the stadiums, some were taken there to fuel the darker side of the Beautiful Game - sex and labour trafficking.

This app gives you insights into the football teams, stadiums and the beautiful country of Russia while helping you understand how that nation plays into the global problem of human trafficking and how large sporting events may contribute to human trafficking. We also celebrate global efforts to prevent human trafficking in sports such as Football and how the Beautiful Game has been used to reduce male demand for commercial sex and fund efforts to free victims of modern slavery!


Within the app there are opportunities to play skilful online football games as well as a test of your knowledge of human trafficking, FIFA and World Cups using an innovative Penalty Shootout Game.

4. "Soccer Not Slaves" - Shortly before the FIFA World Cup in Brazil from 12 June to 13 July, 2014, we released this FREE football (soccer) themed app. According to reports, over 250,000 children are trafficked in Brazil and the concern is that the numbers will rise as child sex traffickers and buyers merge with football fans to visit the country to engage in sex tourism during the tournament. With the FIFA World Cup tournament now history, the South American nation braces for the Summer Olympic Games in 2016.


The app is a feature rich experience with lots of links to videos, information, photos and schedules for the World Cup. It also shares the reality of life in Brazil where children in some of the host cities for the football tournament are being exploited through sex trafficking. The app empowers persons who love sports but hate injustice and child exploitation to understand and report the crime to the authorities in Brazil and globally. With the support of global colleagues, the app has been translated into Spanish as "Futbol por la Libertad" and into Portuguese as "Futebol pela Liberdade".


Get the FREE Trafficking in Trinbago App (with these included specialised apps) on iTunes or in the Google Play Store! Other devices can use the HTML5 version of the App.