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Radio For The Deaf

The concept of Radio for the Deaf sounds like an oxymoron. After all, how can radio be used by or serve the Deaf?

The hard truth is that some 650 million people (1/9 of the global population) have a challenge with their hearing. Of that number, about 70 million are Deaf. Sadly, in several developing as well as developed nations, the Deaf are treated as a silent and voiceless minority and denied full access to and respect for human rights. Unlike the hearing, the Deaf seldom have regular access to the powerful medium of radio to air their views, gain public support and receive effective redress. Part of the initial mandate of Radio for the Deaf was to provide such access to radio for advocates of the Deaf community through my broadcast training and relationships with various media networks.

Since 2016, however, Radio for the Deaf has expanded to incorporate my 20+ years in the legal field and as a broadcaster into the development of media content and the delivery of consultancy and communication services to address social issues.


These issues include combating the scourge of Human Trafficking, promoting the Human Rights of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), advocating for the Needs of PWDs to be considered by Emergency First Responders and in Comprehensive Disaster Management policy and law, reducing Sexual and Gender-Based Violence, combating the culture of Exploitation, reducing Adverse Childhood Experiences, primary prevention of Crime, promoting Restorative Justice, reducing Homelessness, and highlighting how Faith and Values-Based Education can be a solution to social ills.

While some of these activities involve radio as a medium, others involve building an online community of like-minded Hope Builders. We are persons who understand the relationship between Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), Trauma and many of our society's challenges. Through the medium of the ACEs Caribbean Community, we are working towards building greater Resilience and Hope in our region.

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How it Started....
  • Learning sign language

  • Learning about Deaf culture

  • Understanding the Needs of the Deaf

  • Advocating for Human Rights of the Deaf

  • Hosting Radio Programme for Deaf Advocates

  • Advocating for greater Accessibility for the Deaf


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How it's Going...
  • Served the Deaf community at national Board level

  • Drafted Constitution to improve Deaf quality of life

  • Promoting the Interests of Persons With Disabilities

  • Developing Programme Content for Radio Stations

  • Creating E-learning Tools to Fight Human Trafficking

  • Developing Online Courses to Fight Human Trafficking

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